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Innovative solutions for a changing market – on land and water.

Our business areas

Redox is a total supplier of solutions for regulating water quality to the fisheries and aquaculture industry. With solid experience as a leading supplier of technology and equipment within fish welfare and biosecurity for well boats, in recent years we have also deliberately invested in solutions for land-based facilities and closed cages. Our solutions ensure optimal conditions for good growth and water quality, in addition to increased biosecurity.

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Happy planet, happy people.
The way we live today is undoubtedly taxing on the planet we live on. Even with increased awareness of the problem, there are high emissions from all parts of society – both to land, air and water.

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Redox supplies a wide range of products and solutions for the industrial sector. In gas, we work with compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen and ozone. In addition, we have extensive experience in the development of automatic washing systems for operational efficiency.

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For fishing vessels, disinfection of tanks and pipes between each load is important. Automatic washing systems in combination with disinfection with ozone ensure that the catch can be delivered without unwanted microorganisms, e.g. Listeria. We have both individual components and total solutions for fishing vessels.

We have solutions adapted to your vessel:
• Ozone system for disinfecting tanks and pipes.
• Oxygen solutions for live storage of fish.
• Total log for monitoring and documentation of processes.
• Automatic washing system that streamlines work on board.

There are few other places where hygiene is as important as in the production of food and drink. It is something we expect and take for granted.

Within the food and drink segment, Redox primarily supplies solutions for environmentally friendly, safe and effective disinfection based on ozone technology.

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Innovative solutions for a changing market
– on land and water.

Since the beginning in 2004, we have developed system solutions for a changing market. That is why we constantly introduce new and innovative solutions for our customers. Our roots are in the aquaculture industry, but we work across industries both on land and at sea. The combination of the interdisciplinary organization provides solutions for the market that are unique, stable and constantly improving.

On land, we have large customers in food production. You may not have known that we are doing research on ozonating strawberries to increase the “lifetime” of the individual berry without using pesticides. For the cheese you eat, ozone is used to clean the brine in which the cheeses are matured. The fact that ozonation is an effective process for disinfecting waste water, drinking water, CIP washing and removing Listeria and E. Coli are examples that what we deliver is safe and environmentally friendly. Not least, reports show that our solutions for ozone (O3) – which are approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency – leave a minimal environmental footprint compared to the alternatives offered on the market.

In addition to ozone, we have extensive experience with system solutions that include oxygen, filtration technology and UV. All linked together with state of the art automation.