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Emission reduction

Happy planet, happy people.

The way we live today is undoubtedly taxing on the planet we live on. Even with increased awareness of the problem, there are high emissions from all parts of society – both to land, air and water.

For Redox, emission reduction is central to all our operations. Since 2004, we have been working to replace chemicals with ozone for disinfection in the aquaculture industry, and we are convinced that it is best to produce oxygen locally instead of transporting it in liquid form. This reduces CO2 emissions by up to 99% and saves customers large expenses. We actively use our expertise to find new emission-reducing methods, and look, among other things, at solutions that can replace pesticides in agriculture. The experience with ozone helps to reduce harmful emissions into the air, and together with key partners we have found a method to remove soap from seawater, in order to disinfect all water after washing down well boats. The results speak for themselves; 100% clean, disinfected seawater is the only thing released into the sea after Wash Zero.

Totalløsninger grafikk

Tailor-made total solutions

Redox tailors the best solution for your exact needs, regardless of the emissions involved. Our skilled automation engineers can connect thousands of components, but we’re just as happy to supply just two, if that’s what’s needed. It is the customer’s needs that determine the scope, with a focus on the environment, performance, profitability and ease of use.


• Water purification
• Ozone
• NOx reduction
• Odor reduction

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We’d love to hear from you!
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