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Correct oxygen level is necessary for good fish welfare.

The correct oxygen level is necessary for good fish welfare in hatchery/recycling facilities and during farming in the sea. Good fish welfare results in better growth and healthier, stronger fish. In well boats, a stable and correct oxygen level is essential for survival and that the fish arrive at the production facility unaffected by stress. Being self-sufficient in oxygen is efficient and affordable – and better for the environment. Redox supplies systems of all sizes, adapted to your needs.

Oxygen production on site

Redox’s systems produce oxygen on site, locally at the individual customer. They are thus fully in line with our objective to offer technologies that both take care of the world around us and improve business performance. The alternative would be to buy and transport liquid oxygen, with a significantly greater climate footprint and cost. When the oxygen is produced locally, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 99%, in addition to saving on large expenses.

CO2 Calculator

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Use our CO2 calculator to find out your annual reduction of tCO2e per year. Enter the kg of oxygen per day and the transport distance you have for your Oxygen deliveries in km.

When the oxygen is produced locally, CO2 emissions are reduced and, in addition, large expenses are saved.

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Climate impact from tCO2e to tCO2e per year, a reduction of tCO2e

Reduction of tCO2e per year.

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Oxygen generator

  • Oxygen generator produces oxygen which is redeemed in the water. In addition, oxygen is supplied to the ozone generator.
  • Specially developed technology and software continuously regulate the oxygen level.
  • All data from the oxygen regulation is logged and stored so that it can be documented how the fish has been on the trip in the well boat or how it is in the breeding tank.


Injection and sensory

  • Redox’ system ensures the correct oxygen level at all times.
  • Uses unique algorithms that take into account the size and stress level of the fish.
  • Fuses for sensor failure.

Process management and service

All processes are controlled and monitored from a user-friendly touch screen that is installed centrally, e.g. on the bridge of a boat or in a control room. The data is stored in the log system and can be printed or sent by e-mail directly from the boat.

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Oxygen can be used in:

  • Well boats
  • Hatcheries
  •  Closed cage
  •  Service boats
  • Food fish production
  • Other areas of use

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