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Greater growth and less stress with optimal oxygenation.

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In our portfolio, we have several solutions for adding oxygen to cages and vessels. Injectors for oxygen enrichment of the water flow, the Oxygen ball which is very easy to handle and perfectly suited for emergency operations and NetOx which is well suited for larger areas. NetOx Net is a diffuser network that supplies oxygen to cages at low oxygen levels, to reduce fish stress and ensure better feed utilization and growth. NetOx is the most widely used diffuser hose for emergency oxygenation in Norwegian fish farms.

Oxygen and growth

Research has shown that in certain periods of the year, periodic oxygen shortages can occur in marine facilities. Such conditions usually occur in late summer and early autumn when the water temperature is high and there are many fish in the cages. Oxygen deficiency is most common in the dark part of the day. Temporary lack of oxygen in the cages can also occur in other parts of the year. At unfavorable oxygen levels in the sea, an increase of only 5–10% dissolved oxygen can result in more than 10% improved growth. Adding oxygen periodically will therefore be profitable and ensure good fish welfare.

Easy to use

Both the Oxygenkulen and NetOx are very easy to use. The sphere can easily be lifted into place with, for example, a crane or lowered from a buoy, with only a hose for oxygen-enriched seawater going down to the sphere. NetOx Net is a hose-based diffuser that can be connected according to the design of the cages. The system is equipped with high-quality threaded connections in acid-resistant AISI 316 and can be equipped with solder in acid-resistant steel. NetOx Net is robust and designed for rough conditions.

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